DVD/Blu-ray Roundup – January 2013

The Possession Blu-rayTo kick things off for 2013, we have a wide variety of some very cool and unique releases. This makes me only more confident and excited about the movies 2013 will have to offer.


War of the Dead – This military/WWII style zombie flick had a lot to offer. The lower budget film had surprisingly a lot of decent special effects that made the action scenes really stand out. The acting didn’t amaze me, and the face that a Nazi zombie is on the cover but we see very few actual Nazi zombies was a bit disappointing, but overall I really enjoyed the film.
Check out War of the Dead at eOne Films.

The Possession – Possession/exorcism flicks are making a huge resurgence these days, but I really was surprised by how much I enjoyed The Possession. This unique take on the genre follows a girl who obtains a strange box. Her attachment to the box starts to cause drastic changes to a family that is already experiencing distress from a divorce. What’s more is that this one has a Jewish backstory, which is rarely seen in the genre. There were some truly creepy and memorable scenes, and the cameo by Matisyahu was awesome!
Check out The Possession at Lionsgate.

House at the End of the Street – When I saw Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone, I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I saw her in movies. In House at the End of the Street she performs fantastically as a girl moving to a new house with her mother. Turns out, the inhabitant of the house next door is the sole survivor of a bloody tragedy that happened several years prior. The psychologically charged film provided plenty of twists and unexpected events. The interesting storyline and and excellent acting performances made this one stand out.
Check out House at the End of the Street at 20th Century Fox.


Arbitrage – Richard Gere gives a gripping performance as a hot shot business man who makes a few bad decisions that threaten his livelihood and his family’s. His performance is Oscar-worthy, but the film’s story along with several standout supporting roles really made the film memorable. It manages to combine relevant economical frustrations as well as personal tragedy and family drama into one cohesive and thrilling tale. This film really deserved more mainstream talk.
Check out Arbitrage at Lionsgate.

Letting Go – This is a heartfelt and unique film about a guy, Joel, who’s desperately seeking happiness and satisfaction in his life. His relationship is on the rocks, he struggles to find the balance between his career and his personal life, and on top of that he has three large and high maintenance dogs. I really enjoyed this film for its honesty and relatable material about coming to terms with life.
Check out Letting Go at Osiris Entertainment.